Google will dispose of HTTP

Google will dispose of HTTP

For several years, Google has been trying to move all sites into a safe mode. Its goal is to make the Internet “safe by default.” Therefore, Google will take a “scythe” and go through hazardous sites.


There are two data transfer protocols on the network. This is HTTP and HTTPS. The difference between them is that HTTPS supports encryption to improve security.

You repeatedly could notice the green lock on the left of the link in the address bar. This means that the server is protected. During the transfer of data between the resource and the reader, the third party cannot intervene and intercept the data.

The old protocol cannot provide such protection. There is a huge probability of interception. This is the reason for repeated hacker attacks.

Google seriously took up the solution to this problem. By the end of this week, he will put the label “not protected” on sites without HTTPS-encryption. In the address bar resources are divided into two camps: safe green and unsafe red.


And as an incentive, we add that the new protocol significantly improves the ranking of the site. So in TOP 100 sites on the Internet 81, the resource uses HTTPS by default.

If you still use the old protocol, we recommend that you change it to a new one as soon as possible.

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