Transparent policy of Facebook

Transparent policy of Facebook

Updates and innovations of Facebook please again. The social network provides many new opportunities for advertisers. But new opportunities should be pulled for themselves and increased responsibility.


The social network takes essential steps to increase the transparency of advertising. From now on, users will be able to see the entire history of the ads on the page published through the advertising cabinet.

This became possible with the appearance of the section “Information and Advertising” in the parts of the page. And to convict fraudsters in the deception, you can complain about advertising by clicking on three points.


Another step towards transparency is the possibility of obtaining extensive information about the pages. Now, for example, there are data on changes in the name of the page and the date of its creation. But Facebook promises to supplement the possible information soon.


Another interesting function is being tested. Users will be able to filter the content they provide. In order not to receive spoilers about your favorite TV series or hide offensive content from the eyes, the user can hide the content for 30 days. And you can hide it by specific keywords. After that, no posts with a blocked keyword will not be displayed for a month.


The policy of transparency Facebook is gaining momentum. Thus, the network reminds that the user is responsible for the advertising produced by them.

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