Adobe has learned how to identify fake images

Adobe has learned how to identify fake images

A lot of effort is attached by experts to improve AI. New features greatly simplified the editing of images and video.  So the media began to abuse this, quickly and without checking the facts of publishing offensive content on the network.

This is reflected in the leading producer of “smart” graphics editors Adobe. At the moment, the company is working not only to improve editors but also to create an “antidote.”

Adobe develops a tool that automatically determines the edited images. Now the project is at an early stage. But the company plans to play a significant role in developing technologies that help control and verify the authenticity of digital media.


Machine learning so far can be used for three types of editing:

  • union, when two parts of different images are joined;
  • cloning, when objects inside the image are copied and pasted;
  • Delete when the object is completely deleted from the image.


Adobe scientists are aware of the harm that can be caused by AI technologies, so they learn to use them for good.

So Adobe contributes to the creation of unique content. Now not only improving the quality of editing but also preventing attempts to lie to the reader openly.


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