Socks for a girl from Wonderland

Socks for a girl from Wonderland

This spring, one of the most notorious scandals occurred on Facebook. This was that time when the company tried to wriggle out of the conflict situation uniquely but only made it worse.

Restaurateur Alex Cooper, along with his pregnant wife, came to the GoodWine store. They ordered an espresso in a Yellow Place coffee shop and asked the barista to dilute it with water. Barista said that it was a “wild tasteless ” and refused to fulfill the order.

On his Facebook page, Cooper expressed his indignation in this regard. After that, the store’s marketing experts quickly entered in the comment section, and a short battle began.


After a while on the page of the coffee house, a photo of socks with the original design appeared: “You drive me nuts”. And the accompanying signature: “Socks about everything that enrages: cold days, traffic jams in Bessarabka, hot water in espresso.”

Head of the Goodwine’s import department  Nadezhda Savenkova published an even more humiliating post with an explicit reference to Alice Cooper:

“I think these are socks for one girl from Wonderland. Well, there must be justice in the world. If we knew the address, we would send it as a gift. “

Users didn’t appreciate a joke marketing move. The page of the institution was filled with massive negative assessments.


GoodWine said that publications on the pages of employees have no bearing on the position of the company. Savenkova acknowledged her guilt and clarified the company’s marketing department.

GoodWine jammed with a joking marketing move.

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