Tinkoff Bank: The card of the son of my mother’s friend

Tinkoff Bank. The card of the son of my mother's friend

Recently, Tinkoff Bank has created a new card specifically for gamers and eSports fans. The debit and credit cards of Tinkoff All Games allow you to return the costs of games and electronics, put your nickname on the card and participate in closed prizes.

In connection with the creation of the card, the bank launched an unusual advertising campaign. It starred well-known cyber sportsman Yaroslav pashaBiceps Yazhobkovski, who is in favor of the Russian team Virtus.pro. A series of commercials beat a popular meme about “my mother’s mother’s son.”

The action consists of three videos, each of which is compared “you” and “son of my mother’s friend.” And the SMP card with a personal nickname, a great cashback for game purchases and good bonuses for buying on the card.

A popular meme appeared in 2010 and was forgotten for a long time. But with the vast popularity of Ilona Mask again revived in early 2018.

This also took advantage of Tinkoff Bank, reviving the mythical character, and enabling the ordinary person to feel “the son of my mother’s friend.”


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