Unexpected move of the social network: Glossy Facebook

Unexpected move of the social network: Glossy Facebook

Who would have thought, but Facebook launched its own print magazine. The funny thing is that thanks to Facebook in its time the print press died.

The magazine is called Grow, and it is available to purchase only in London. However, articles from it can be read online on the official website of the magazine. The creators of the magazine report that they will use a combination of digital media to distribute content, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Grow by Facebook – is a marketing program that started life as a small event in the English countryside three and a half years ago. Grow by Facebook’s ambition is to help business leaders keep ahead by creating and curating insightful content and experiences.

«The program is designed to deliver content in different formats that suit our audience. We know that business leaders have limited time for long reads at work, so we’ve also created a physical version with journeys in mind. We’re distributing this to clients directly as part of our marketing communications, and in selected airport and train business lounges where we know they are often to be found». 


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