Instagram decided to surpass YouTube and Snapchat

Instagram decided to surpass YouTube and Snapchat (IGTV)

On June 20, the first users of Instagram could enjoy the new media – IGTV (Instagram TV). Soon this content-platform will appear at all in the recommendations section.

With its platform, the social network wants to hit at once two of its competitors – YouTube and Snapchat. YouTube – more attractive monetization for bloggers. Also, they completely ripped off the Snapchat format.

What is IGTV?

– video clips up to 60 minutes

– full-screen vertical video

– quality resolution is up to 4K (files weighing up to 3.6 GB)

– profitable monetization for opinion leaders

– the service is available both within the network and a separate application

– all users can use it

– the ability to embed video links to websites and online stores

And, probably, there are many new opportunities, which we do not even know yet.

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In addition to launching the IGTV platform at a nightly conference, Instagram shared another of its achievements. The last monthly activity of the user reached 1 billion! Congratulations on your favorite network!


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