Facebook will open eyes and other stuff from the social network

Facebook will open eyes and other stuff from the social network.

* There are many programs for photo editing. People have long learned to get rid of the red-eye effect, tighten their skin and even lose weight on the photo. But Facebook did not stop there.

The new AI-technology from Facebook can now restore the eyes to photos. Blinked at the photo? No problem! It is enough to attach the other with the eyes open to the closed eyes. AI himself will open his eyes on the photo.


* Now in Facebook Messenger will appear video advertising. It will be displayed in the list of all dialogs. It will start automatically, but with the sound off. You can enable it using the standard scheme (directly on the video).

You can not disable all the ads, but you can hide a specific video. Based on such actions, only useful targeting content will be determined.


* User complaints about the reliability of information about products and the disruption of delivery times and the provision of services are heard.

The social network also has a new feedback tool. So now you can leave feedback on the products and services of advertisers.


* The new function will appear for the advertisers themselves. Facebook began testing A / B tests for content. This will give a more accessible opportunity to determine the most effective advertising.

Now, on the business page, you can start several content options for different segments of the audience. It will be possible to select a test and test group, which can show different versions of posts.


Just four news from the social network for a week! They develop at an incredible pace.

And what news has affected you the most?


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