Facebook moderators: ? – baiting, ? – inciting hatred

Facebook moderators

Facebook has a document that teaches moderators to interpret the meaning of emoji. Thus, they determine the content that violates social network rules. 

Facebook moderators: ? – baiting, ? – inciting hatred

Familiar and understandable for many users emoji, in fact, can carry a hidden overtone. So for example, some of the vegetables and fruits (???) or gestures (????) can mean harassment at work. In turn, animals (?????) sometimes symbolize insults and harassment, weapons (???) – inciting hatred, etc.

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The list itself is very large. Howevhugetors can delete content with other emoji if they consider it illegal.

This can be done with content that includes images with fictional characters, if Facebook considers this an insult. Example: Frog Pepe.

Did you ever think about the fact that sometimes you use “extremist” emoji in your usual posts? And then why do you need some of them?


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