Useful advertising for the city from the Domino’s pizza network(video)

Useful advertising for the city from the Domino's pizza network

For one day, more than 50 pits were repaired on the roads of California, Texas, Georgia and other American cities. Not under the planned works of communal services but the promotion action of the Domino’s pizza network.

Useful advertising for the city from the Domino’s pizza network

On June 11, Domino’s together with the CB + B agency launched an advertising campaign to protect pizza from road trouble. In their commercial, they showed how the “integrity” of the pizza suffers when the machine hits the pit.

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The residents were offered to inform about the holes on the roads so that the couriers could deliver the pizza safe and sound. On the first day of the launch of the Domino’s campaign, more than 50 holes were repaired on the tracks.

The creative team of the agency is satisfied – the buyers appreciated the idea of ​​the company.

Let’s hope that our brands will borrow the concept from foreign colleagues.



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