The most boring billboard in the world was installed in Malmö (video)

The most boring billboard in the world

In the Swedish coastal town of Malmö, the “most boring billboard in the world” was set up.

The company for the production of wood protection products went to an unusual advertising move. Specifically for the promotion, the founder of Sioo: x created and covered his substance with a wooden billboard.

“This is the most boring billboard in the world. We’ll leave him here for 12 years to show how long our products last “- says the inscription.

In Sioo: x believe that the billboard for 12 years will not suffer.⠀⠀

For the promotion, the company chose the rainiest Swedish city, where humidity is at an elevated level.

Now a new attraction has appeared in Malmö.

This is an example of how a company demonstrates the quality of its product, bringing it to public view. Sioo: x chose a large shopping center as a habitat for the billboard to increase brand awareness.

On April 24, 2018, a twelve-year period began. Do you think we’ll see this billboard in 2030?



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