Okay, smartphone, overhear: data leakage through microphone

Okay, smartphone, overhear

Our conversations on modern gadgets are really overheard. Moreover, often we allow the applications to do this, confirming the request for the management of the microphone.⠀

Okay, smartphone, overhear

Voice assistants Google and Apple – a vivid confirmation of this. They react to the word-triggers “ok, Google” and “Hello, Siri.” But not only Google and Apple use it. Other social networks also have their words-triggers.

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After receiving through the microphone, the data is encrypted and transmitted by the application. Track this path is impossible. For example, most often users complain about similar crafts on Instagram.

In turn, Facebook denies wiretapping, claiming that targeting advertising is based on the likes, interests and profile information. Therefore, wiretapping is a waste of time.

Asterisk cybersecurity consultant, Peter Hannay is sure that this is not a reason for paranoia. According to him, advertisers have enough ways to figure out your preferences.

Do you believe that wiretapping of our smartphones builds the target?


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