Scientists have made a film, the plot of which can be adjusted to the audience

Employees of Nottingham University filmed a movie that can change on the go. Changes in the plot depend on the level of involvement of the audience.

The painting is called “Moment” and lasts 27 minutes, although the material for it was shot several times more. The scientist Richard Ramchurn, who became the director of the film, managed to achieve 101 trillion (!) Combinations of plot development.

Spectators during the viewing should wear a special EEG-headset, which reads the electrical activity of the brain in the frequency range and sends data to the laptop. These indicators serve as an indicator of boredom. If the film ceased to arouse interest, then special software changes the length of the scenes, background music, phrases of the characters. A man can only entertain himself.

The plot of the film is appropriate: it is a story about the future, in which computers are becoming a source of threat to humanity. The only thing that does not change in the film is the final.

How do you like this idea for commercials? Do you believe that in the future all advertising will work on this principle?


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