Telegram’s audience is growing, update for iOS is out

Despite the blockage of Telegram in Russia, the number of users of the messenger is increasing. If according to statistics (collected in cities with a population of 100,000 +), in October 2017 the number of users was 2.7 million, in March 2018 – 2.8 million, at the moment this figure reached a record level in 3.7 million people. For a month, the audience grew by 31%.

Another good news for Pavel Durov and the Telegram users was the Apple update for IOS, where innovations were taken into account by the GDPR, and some bugs were fixed. This happened for the first time after the messenger’s lock.

It is not known yet, whether Apple finally decided to continue working with Telegram and produce updates, but this is a good sign for Pavel Durov, who immediately expressed his gratitude on Twitter.

Practice shows that despite all kinds of prohibitions and blockages, people will continue to use those resources and instant messengers that are most convenient and progressive for them.


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