Instagram revealed its algorithms and dispelled rumors

Until recently, everyone could only build some assumptions about the operation of algorithms for ranking the Instagram tape. However, a few days ago the company invited journalists and told them all the secrets of the work of the same algorithm.

Briefly about what journalists have learned and now we know:

1. The neural network algorithm calculates the most exciting topics for the user by interactions. Posts in such issues are shown to the user more often.
2. Fresh posts are shown better than the old ones, but the chronological tape will never return.
3. Users see the posts of those with whom they were tagged together in the photo and whom they comment on.
4. The more the user opens the Instagram, the more posts he sees. The algorithm shows the best posts for the period while the user was not online.
5. Cutting the feed of Mass followers. Users who have subscribed to a large number of accounts are truncated to a much stronger position.
6. Reading texts and detailed study of the picture increases the user’s interest in the brand in the eyes of the algorithm.
7. Stores do not affect the covers and displays in the tape.
8. Video and picture are equivalent to the algorithm.
9. Instagram does not prohibit a massive number of posts and does not hide the excess from the tape. The maximum that Instagram can do is to disable the queue of posts from one account, other posts.
10. There is no shadowban. Who would have thought?

Vote in the comments for the most exciting fact about the Instagram algorithm!


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