Dirty methods of competition between Burger King and McDonald’s

The war of brands between McDonald’s and Burger King has been going on for quite a long time and has generated many excellent and exciting advertising moves. In any war, there is a side that acts as an aggressor. In this war, the aggressor is – Burger King. McDonald’s follows its principles and builds relationships not with competitors but with consumers, although sometimes it strikes back.

This time, Burger King made an attack on McDonald’s with the hands of their clients. They offered a 50% discount to everyone who enters a query in the search string Yandex with a negative to McDonald’s. After such a request, the burger encouraged its consumer with words, “And you are good!”, And transferred the promotional code to a discount.

Yandex quickly blocked advertising, and the dirty share ceased to exist. The war of brands often evokes delight and interest, but this event leaves a lot of questions. And how do you feel about this brand behavior?


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