Beeline distributes gigabytes of the Internet for the steps taken

Beeline actively researches the needs of its customers. It turned out that many people monitor their physical activity with the help of gadgets.
Surveys conducted among 3,000 subscribers aged 16 to 65 years showed the following figures:
– 42% of smartphone owners regularly go in for sports;
– 71% follow the results of training;
– 43% support the daily plan for the number of steps taken (5 – 10 thousand steps).

The marketing department has long been nurturing the idea of ​​combining business with pleasure and eventually launched the “Gigi for Steps” action for the new “All My” tariff, offering subscribers to receive up to 3 GB of Internet monthly (10 thousand steps will be given 100 Mb of the Internet every day). You can track the number of steps with the help of a special application “My Beeline,” connected with the applications “Health” and “Google Fit.”

Vice-president of marketing Irina Lebedeva is sure that the realized idea will appeal to both the already leading healthy lifestyle for clients and less active, for which such an action will be an excellent incentive not only to improve the physical condition but also get a nice bonus for it.

This is not the first action that stimulates people to go in for sports, getting good offers for it. You can recall 30 sit-ups in the metro for a ticket for the trip, which issued a particular machine. Such actions bring not only revenues, positive image and feedback to companies, but also a double benefit to customers.


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