Viber mailings from Mail.Ru Group

If you have long dreamed of introducing mailings to your business, but could not find suitable partners and services – now you will have golden times. Newsletters in this messenger are not a new phenomenon, and this applies not only to official channels but also to spammers. The strangest thing is that both options show relatively good results for different purposes.

Until recently, such mailings were not the most convenient way of communication for both the sender and the recipient. The Sendbox service will have to change this state of affairs for both sides.

The service will have a built-in visual designer, with which you can give the letters a proper look. The service supports integration with CRM, ERP-systems, and CMS. All this allows you to customize a wide range of conditions for sending, choose gender, age and even automatically send to birthdays.

Also, such mailings will be able to provide a report on the interaction of users with the mailing. Such reporting should positively affect the quality of newsletters, and this is not often found in a spammed viber.


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