Google Trends Updates

Developers from Google introduced new things, thanks to which the application will be more convenient, there will be more functionality, as well as a new design.

Read more about the innovations:

– A new main page is launched where users can find the most popular search trends of the day in real time mode (Youtube and Google News help in determining patterns, processing one hundred billion searches per month);

– As a result of treating a vast number of feedbacks, a similar breakdown by regions has been updated – more saturated colors reflect the most popular requests. For a more in-depth analysis of favorite topics in the small areas, there is an increase in the “breadth” of the monitored data.

– The section “year in search” is added- this is an opportunity to see the statistics of requests by selecting a specific time range;

– A new section with visualizations, created by News Lab together with top designers.

– To date, the update of Google Trends is available for 29 countries, for the rest of the countries to implement the innovation is planned in the coming months.

Do you love change and innovation or are you conservative?


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