Global Privacy Policy Update

On 25 May, a new law, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on the protection of personal data entered into force in the European Union.

The last time this issue was considered in the distant 1995 when the data protection directive was adopted, but being entirely “raw”, it provided for the possibility of introducing its own rules for the authorities of individual countries. Also, for 23 years the Internet space has changed very much, the number of complaints has increased, and the directive merely has become obsolete.

The new regulations require all sites to change the internal privacy policy. Users in a simple and accessible language can learn their control over personal data.

Now you can:
– demand to stop processing data at any time;
– consent to the processing of data in a new, more understandable form, while having the right to withdraw consent without any harm;
– requesting confirmation of data processing, find out the details – what accurately the service collects, for what purpose, who from the third parties has access to them and the processing time;
– In order not to enter the same data every time on different sites, to request the transfer of data from one company to another;

Note that the new age limit of 16 years (all younger children, upon registration, must obtain permission from their parents).


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