To do in 60 seconds

How does the day begin for a modern person, except for a cup of coffee? Look around and find that every second is immersed in your smartphone. How active are you on social networks? How much time do you spend on them? Just think: while you are sitting and reading this text, for a minute in the world:

– Do 3.7 million search queries on Google;
– 973,000 times go to Facebook;
– 174,000 people scroll the tape in Instagram.
– Watch 4.3 million videos on YouTube;
– Publish more than 481 000 tweets;

This is the statistics for 2018, collected by the managers of Cumulus Media.
Now I propose to take a look that we managed 60 seconds in 2017:

– 3.5 million searches in Google;
– 900 000 visits to Facebook;
– 46 200 posts on Instagram.
– 4.1 million video views on YouTube;
– 452,000 tweets;

As you can see, the numbers are growing. Today only the laziest is not registered in any social network and ignores the ability to be informed of all news and trends by clicking a single click.


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