How to find the perfect blogger without leaving Facebook

Finding a blogger that will bring a massive influx of applications to business and provide loyal customers is one of the primary tasks of any marketer or entrepreneur. Working with opinion leaders has already established itself as a reliable and stable tool.

However, to find a suitable influencer, you have to sit for hours in the desired social network or go through dozens of exchanges, a different level of doubt. Now it can be left in the past.

Facebook is developing an internal base for selecting bloggers. The sample can be compiled according to the same parameters as the targeted advertising. This method of selection will help advertisers get more truthful information to understand the interest in working with a blogger.

As we know, innovations have the property of wandering between Facebook and Instagram. Considering that after disabling the analytics API, bloggers’ instabilities have slipped – it remains to be hoped for the introduction of the same base for Instagram as well.


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