Google no longer calls not to be evil

In 2000, Paul Buchheit, an engineer at Google, came up with one of the principles of a code of conduct for the company. This principle was, “Do not be evil.” Such a call meant that the company should in no case use the user’s personal data to harm.

As is known, in 2015 Google became a part of the Alphabet holding company. Then in the code, there was a new slogan – “Do the right things.” Despite the appearance of a new slogan, the old one was not removed until the beginning of May 2018, and the disappearance was noticed in the second half of the same month.

Let the slogan and disappeared, but the company left a reminder about it in the last sentence of the code: “And remember … do not be evil, and if you see something wrong – talk about it!”

Share the slogans of your company or the slogans of the brands that you remember and caused strong emotions.


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