Royal example of situational marketing from IKEA

The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle is undeniably a world event and attracts interest from a vast number of people. To beat this event from a marketing point of view is possible for any business, but IKEA did it genuinely royal.

In honor of this event, the Swedish furniture manufacturer has laid out in his social networks a consolation post for all who dreamed of being in Megan’s place. They offered them another Harry – a chair model for $ 65. “Lonely and affordable Harry” – a delight for the female ears and now this is the reality.

The post received a lot of viral coverage and most likely brought good sales to the company. In just a few hours the post gained more than 10 thousand likes. Even if you bought a chair, not so many people came – the company reminded of itself to a massive number of people, spending less money.

Situational marketing often has a viral effect, but for this, it must be not just thematic, but also qualitative.


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