Continuation of the war between RKN and the invisible messenger front

On May 17, Viber users started complaining about problems in the messenger’s operation. Problems affected residents of European Russia. 45% of users did not have a connection, another 33% had issues with sending and receiving messages, and 20% could not even log in.

The Viber management stated that the causes of the problem do not come from the program, but directly from the mobile operators.

At that time, RKN cannot overcome Telegram in any way. In the opinion of the former director general of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Telegram uses one of the methods of bypassing the lock, patented by the Military Academy of Communications of the RF Ministry of Defense in 2007-2009. But former Telegram employee Anton Rosenberg broke this assumption:

“The patents describe ways to ensure communication between various networks controlled by a single owner, say, military, and not controlled by the enemy. Whereas in the case of Telegram, the application source codes are open, and Roscomnadzor can use many different phones to find the common addresses used by Telegram. ”

He also said that Durov made it clear: the reason for the conflict with the RKN is not in refusing to comply with the requirements of the law but in the massive violation of the rights of Internet users. But Roscomnadzor does not stop. Can not cope with Telegram – they beat on other Internet resources!


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