Facebook is back to his old ways: data leak of three million users.

Just recently, the entire Internet was kept on toes – Facebook merged user data to commercial organizations. The social network has restored its reputation, proving that users themselves agree to the transfer of their data, and they can also track the data in the archive (what and to whom they show). The panic subsided, but Facebook again allowed the data to drain.

This time, more than three million users who agreed to participate in the psychological study of Cambridge University were affected. The program myPersonality collected data on the statuses of 22 million users and demographic data of 4 million. Participants were warned about the anonymous processing of information, but this did not prevent large marketing companies from seizing the data of 3 million Facebook users.

Personal details of the participants were kept on a poorly protected site. Each participant was given a unique code by which he could find his results on the site. It was enough to register on the site so that the encoded data was opened to the participant in all its glory. So did the marketing organization to get the data.

Facebook deleted myPersonality and checks for possible violations in the social network. However, the reputation of the network has again suffered. What do you think, will this plum strike the same blow of the company as the past or will it all pass more quietly?


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