Does Facebook run into another scandal?

The scandal with the data leak from Facebook has been almost two months. During this time, the company returned the confidence of users, and also restored and overtaken the former value of shares. All this time the social network tested thousands of applications for access to personal information of users and even blocked more than 200 of them. Nevertheless, it seems that Mark Zuckerberg runs into another scandal.

A few months ago, Facebook banned advertising of everything related to the cryptocurrency. The reason for this prohibition is the unreliability and deceptiveness of this technology. These actions have caused considerable damage to companies that deal with cryptocurrency and people who work with similar companies. Someone reconciled with the ban, but someone found ways to bypass. In any case, the situation has improved, and until recently, there has not been much discussion.

The issue of cryptocurrency in Facebook got a second wind after the company itself announced its intention to create a digital coin. Previously, the social network was already trying to create a virtual currency, but the experiment failed. The second attempt must be much better. After all, for this purpose, Zuckerberg created a separate team of employees. The blockchain division will be headed by David Marcus – a former PayPal employee and one of the first Bitcoin investors.

Naturally, a new currency will require advertising, which is currently banned in Facebook. Perhaps the social network will lift the ban and possibly – monopolize the market in its space.

Share your guesses of the further development of these events and the public’s reaction to them!


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