Facebook updates. Paid and free innovation.

Despite the recent F8 conference, that gave us a whole bunch of news, there was information about another cool Facebook updates. Most of the updates continue to relate to the video content.

Improved version of polls

We were happy with the appearance of surveys with the possibility of attaching gif-animation. Facebook noticed the general joy and went on. A video with more than two answers is now in the testing phase.

Combating piracy

In your videos, you can build links to the original content. Ownership link will redirect viewers to your content in case someone grabs your video yourself. In the video there will be a clickable link to your page – this is a very useful functionality in the modern world.

Facebook intends to become paid

The Bloomberg information agency confirmed that Facebook is testing a non-ads version. Also, the lack of free use of this version was confirmed.

In the final analysis, organic reach and involvement should grow, and advertising becomes more expensive. This once again proves the need to concentrate on the quality and usefulness of the content. The coming wave of refusals to view advertising is a bit distressing, but we are not at all scared. And you?


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