Understanding the effectiveness of video on Facebook is easier

After the recent F8 conference, three new metrics became known, which will allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of video content better. All the metrics are currently at the development stage.

1. Views will be divided into male and female.
This metric will help understand what video is better suited for men, and which female audience. So if your page is more focused on women and the video gets more male views, then it’s worth pondering the content of the video.

2. Is the view from the subscriber or not.
Now, you can track only where the video was viewed. On your page and whether on the page of the repost. But do not forget that people often send links to videos to their friends in private messages or even other social networks. Friends of your subscribers can watch videos on your page and not be subscribers; now you’ll find out.

3. Zoom Chart
The new metric displays the user’s involvement throughout the entire video. Now you can understand what part of the video is most successful and what hooked the user in your video.

We again remind that the video is the king of content and we want to ask if you use it in your content?


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