A digest of digital news!

There was so much news on this weekend that a lazy smm specialist could stretch them for a week, but we are fighting for maximum productivity. That’s why we collected the squeeze of the most important of the Digital news.


– Targeting will get worse!
Users will be able to delete the interaction history, which will cut the coverage of ad impressions 100% and will more than likely degrade targeting.

– It brought down the shares of Tinder!
On the expanses of the social network, new profiles dedicated specifically for dating will appear. You can build your love without leaving Facebook.

– Dislikes are seen again!
The function of Up and Down the comment again was noticed. This time in Australia and New Zealand.

– Grid with stories!
Stories break out of their circle in the feed and will now be displayed as recommendations in a full-scale grid format. As in the Instagram feed.


– Augmented reality.
In Stories, you can quickly add AR elements. The function has already been tested on Fb; now it migrates to the younger brother.

– Integration with GoPro and Spotify in Stories.
You can share music and even give a link to it without having 10k subscribers. Still, it is possible to do or make stories directly with GoPro without intermediaries.

– Group calls.
The network has a screenshot of the communication of four people. Goodbye Skype?

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