Fresh digest on social networking events.

The world of Internet marketing is changing from day to day and to follow all the news, reading into the enormous sheets of the text is entirely no time. To allow entrepreneurs to learn all the innovations for the minimum amount of time, we collected everything in one small post.

Snapchat introduces a new advertising format!

The main competitor of the Instagram continues to eliminate shortcomings and make commercial accounts happy. Brands were given access to creating masks for Snapchat, which lead to the selling page. How does it work? The user makes a photo/video with a brand mask, and the jump button is automatically overlapped on top. Want a cool photo – advertise the one who gave this opportunity!

Facebook told what information is used for advertising.

– All that the user has in the public domain (sex, age, likes, subscriptions)
– Information that the user has opened to the site or application. If you are somewhere authorized through Facebook – the advertiser learns about it.
– Contact information that the advertiser has. If you are in the number-database or mail, then Facebook will help advertisers find you on the open spaces of a social network.
If this is too much for you – in the section “Advertising preferences” you can cut the collection of information from your profile.

Instagram introduced the gallery mode into stories.

Such a feature makes it possible to publish several photos in a single photo as well as a gallery in a tape. Using Instagram becomes easier and it can not but rejoice. Less time for routine – more for the creative!

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