What’s new in the world of social networks and instant messengers?

To save your time, we collected the most interesting news and made a digest, giving only the most important things.

– Not making videos for social networks is simply embarrassing!

Every fifth post on Facebook contains video content. According to the latest research by Brand Analytics – video posts receive twice as many comments, which positively affects coverage.

– YouTube fixes its mistakes and is preparing for money distribution!

After the scandalous video of Paul Logan, Youtube cut monetization and set strict rules – which caused a wave of discontent from the content generators. To entirely not lose users, the company began developing new monetization tools. It is still not precisely known what will happen as a result, but it should get better!

– Russia was filled with paper airplanes!

April 22 at 19:00 on all Russia scattered paper airplanes designed to protest against the blocking of Telegram collapsing everything in its path. A huge number of Russians released airplanes from their homes, and an hour later they organized a public volunteer clean-up, as Pavel Durov called. The action was scattered across all media outlets and once again showed the will of the people to the Roskomnadzor.

If you like this format of posts, we will do something like that more often. Please do not forget to vote for the most liked news in the comments!


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