Face detection, data control and new advertising format on Facebook

Surely no one wants personal photos to be used without his permission and knowledge, but this has not stopped anyone. Intruders could use the photos posted on the social network at their discretion. To prevent such actions, Facebook will introduce face detection technology. The function had already tested in 2012, but all the subtleties of its work are still unknown.

Now, users will be able to control the transmission of information regarding their religious, political beliefs and marital status. Even less data the company will be able to collect from users who have not reached adulthood. Minors will not see the full version of facebook until their parents open up full access to them through their account.

Another update of the social network affected game developers. For them, a new advertising function will be available that will allow users to test the game, without installation, and then quickly go to the download page. The service is planned to be extended to all advertisers, but details will be announced at the F8 conference.

After the presentation of the innovations, representatives of TechCrunch expressed their dissatisfaction, calling the new measures of protection ineffective. And how do you think these innovations will affect users and business account owners?


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