Artificial Intelligence adapts content for social networks.

Anyone who is connected to sales on the Internet, more or less knows what the ranking system is. Someone knows that the number of views of the site or post depends on it. Others know some points that have a positive impact on the display in the SERP or the social networks. But the exact formula is known to virtually no one except developers and robots.

The PublBox service has found a way if not to open the ranking formula, then to approach it as much as possible. To this end, the company introduced artificial intelligence to monitor the preferences of AI, responsible for ranking in social networks. The PublBox robot gets your content analyzing similar content on social networks, determining what will help achieve greater reach. After the analysts, the robot offers you an improved version of your own content.

Robots gradually save humanity from routine work, making it faster, better and in bigger volumes. Nevertheless, they still have much to do, and we should set the pace of this growth, monitor innovation and try to keep up with progress!


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