How the world of social networks changed on April 10, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg raised Facebook shares and restored the user’s confidence.

The first of two hearings in the US Congress on the leakage of information from Facebook lasted almost five hours and showed founder to the best advantage. Trust gradually comes back and with it the stock price.

Instagram will introduce internal QR codes.

Similar codes are already available in Snapchat and Fb Messenger. To scan such codes, it is necessary to use the internal scanner of the corresponding application, which may not be very convenient for the average user. Theoretically, with the help of such a function, you can increase the transition of people from offline to online, but how it will be in practice – while talking early.

Pavel Durov gave the FSB the keys of the Telegram.

A photo with real keys and a statement addressed to the head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, was published in the Telegram channel of the Telegram’s lawyer. For half a day the post received almost 132 thousand views with the total number of channel subscribers at 9900. Thanks to its viral nature, the post brought Pavel Chikov 1000 new subscribers. At the moment, the situation with the blocking is not yet clear. One thing is for sure – it will take a long time.

Which of this news was closer to you and what do you think about each of the situations?


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