Litigation by Facebook and Telegram

Recently, Pavel Durov and Mark Zuckerberg are involved in litigation on similar issues. One is called to account for the dissemination of information about users, and the other for failure to provide access to this information.

After a detailed study of the situation, Facebook provided the final data on the leakage of information. In fact, the number of affected users reaches 87 million, and not 50 as it was said before.

After such an unpleasant situation, the company is a section that shows the user all the information that it receives and which applications have access to this account. Also, the management of Facebook promises to pass on to the victims of the leak information about what kind of information was used.

At the same time, Pavel Durov never gave the keys to access to the personal correspondence of Telegram users to the FSB. After the expiration of 15 days for the provision of keys Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit with the Tagansky District Court of Moscow with a request to block the telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation.


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