7 Major Mistakes When Working With The Mobile Version Of The Site

Everyone knows about the usefulness of the mobile version of the site, and we will not talk about this topic. However, not everyone knows the features and differences of the mobile version from the desktop. This kind of ignorance gave rise to the ten most common mistakes:

1. Loading longer than 3 seconds
Such a long download can cost you from 3 to 40% conversion

2. Unreadable fonts
Monitors of smartphones are smaller, so a right font for PCs can be terrible for the mobile version.

3. Unqualified numbers
The user should always be able to copy the number or call one click quickly.

4. Wrong redirect
It happens that when you click on a link with a specific product, it drops to the mobile version’s main page.

5. The buttons under the thumbs
Using a mouse is a more comfortable way to get on the small button, and the fingers of all are different. Remember this by setting the size of your buttons on the site.

6. Long forms of applications
If you really need a lot of information from the client – do it in several stages with short forms.

7. Lack of autocomplete fields
Users of the mobile version with high probability already filled in all the areas you need in such forms. Make it easier for them – make sure that the data is pulled into the form automatically.

Check your mobile version of the site for these errors – fix them and enjoy the increase in conversion. In the meantime, write about any mistakes you did not even suspect.


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