Following the Mask Facebook leaves and Playboy

The incident with 50 million stolen accounts of Facebook caused a sensation that caused not only ordinary users but also large brands to leave the social network.

The first who left the network Zuckerberg was Ilon Mask, and he did it like many things, to the dispute. After a short discussion in the comments on Twitter, the famous businessman removed the pages of Tesla and SpaceX.

The next loss is the American edition of Playboy. The magazine said that it is not going to jeopardize its readers and stops its activities in the open spaces of Facebook. The German edition praised its colleagues, but they are not going to follow their example.

Will the wave of farewell with Zuckerberg continue or everything will subside after his apologies and promises – it is not yet clear. We believe in Mark and think that the losses will be very insignificant, but what do you think?


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