More opportunities for Facebook video content

Facebook’s love for video content is hard to deny. Posts with video receive more coverage from the social network and more responses from users. Despite the fact that many began to make pictures in video format to increase coverage, Facebook continues to please its users with innovations in the field of video content.

New ways of working with content. The Creator application will appear on the android. That finally will allow everyone to receive feedback and measure more precise metrics of involvement. Also, there will be new ways to control copyrights.

List of the most active spectators. This feature will determine the most ardent fans of your brand content. Next to their names appear a unique icon, and they will be displayed in a separate list.

Another attack on YouTube. The creation of Zuckerberg will introduce monetization into video content and will enable users to donate to the creators of their favorite content.

With each update, Facebook raises the importance of quality content and forces to pay for its lack. And how do you perceive such a direction of the social network? Prefer not to pay, throw all the forces on the content or strive for the golden mean?


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