Instagram is getting better for stores

In early 2017, Instagram launched in the US a function that has since been eagerly awaited around the world. Shop Tags allowed companies to mark on their publications in the social network products with price and the opportunity to go to the purchase page in one click.

Now, except for the United States, this function has been received by eight more countries. To the great regret, Ukraine was not included in this list and it did not enter into the list and it would not be possible to get the functional with the help of changing the region.

While we expect, when the function still gets to our vast expanses, happy owners already share their results:

tymeiron (TYME) – traffic increased by 44%
spearmintbaby (Spermintlove) – traffic grew by 25% and revenues by 8%
lulus – more than 1,200 orders and 100,000 visits to the site

After such figures, how much do you wait for the appearance of Shop Tags?


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